Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Gloomcast #8

Download Gloomcast #8

by Duncan George

Terry Riley - A Rainbow In Curved Air
Tortoise - Djed
William Basinski - The River
Richard H Kirk - Frequency
Tim Hecker - The Star Compass
Indian Ocean - Tree House / School Bell (Part 1)
Brian Eno - In Dark Trees
Susumu Yokota - Love Bird
James Din A4 - Fistel Rose Power


Composing said...

Fantastic vibe you've got here.

And loved the flashback to that Richard H. Kirk track.

More, please :-)

dobson said...

I think your feedburner is set up wrong: You need to adjust it so that links to multimedia files (e.g. mp3) are turned into RSS enclosures. That will ensure that all podcast appls (not just iPod) can download and enjoy the Gloomcast.

dobson said...

Here's one that works right:

Notice the "Play Now" links at the start of each item. You need those too!

Anonymous said...

+1 for RHK!

Anonymous said...